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The cooperative play isn't particularly special, however; out of context, the action is fine but lacks the heft of Gears of War 3, or Uncharted 3's speedy tempo. Spots of lag can also hinder the experience, however, as can the possibility of having a few enemies get stuck in some unknown place and forcing you to restart the match. Most importantly, everything in MS Flight has been given a tight structure. While you can do the "slip the surly bonds of earth" thing and fly around for fun, the majority of the game deals with specific assignments that earn you experience points, achievements, and such goodies as jazzy plane paint schemes. Instead of the fantasy land of MS Flight Sim where you could pretend to be running long hauls for TWA or whatever, here, you're never anything but a freelance rookie pilot doing grunt work. Still, there is something to be said for being led by the hand, especially if this is your first time playing any sort of flight simulator. So after wrapping up the brief but informative tutorial flights, you're set free to take on challenges like flying through successions of rings, landing on ever-smaller runways (including a few barely there patches of asphalt surrounded by jungle), and even taking jobs offered up on the bulletin boards of Hawaiian airports. Not everyone you pursue ends up dead, though. You regularly find yourself pursuing suspects on foot, and these chases don't always end with someone headed to the morgue. Pursuing suspects is easy. You just try to keep Phelps headed straight for his target; he handles all the climbing over fences and leaping between rooftops automatically. In some cases, you have the option of trying to bring the suspect to a halt by firing a warning shot. To do this, you must keep your reticle fixed on the fleeing suspect for a few seconds as a meter fills up. But strangely, there are many chases in which you're not given this option. (When you can attempt it, you'll know because Phelps will have his gun in his hand.) It's clear that the game doesn't want you to stop suspects before you've experienced the thrilling chase through a crumbling movie set that awaits you or whatever else it may have in store, but this restriction nonetheless feels artificial and limiting. Though you can replay any completed stage, you might not always want to do so. Level design mostly amounts to puzzles with the aforementioned hazards thrown in to keep things tense. Once you figure out your way through the trickiest of the game's puzzles, there's not much left to challenge you. That's not to say the puzzles aren't challenging the first time through, though, particularly in the later areas. In one case, for instance, there are several laser beams positioned vertically in a shaft through which you must pass. The only way to dispose of them is to hit a switch that prompts four bombs to start rolling along some overhead girders. You then move an elevator up and down to route the bombs so that they explode and eliminate the beams. Next, you rush through the opening before the lasers reappear. It's an enjoyable enough puzzle to solve once, but sequences such as this one only serve to slow things down on subsequent trips through the stage. A smooth, intuitive interface keeps things humming. Although the icons are tiny and the text on some of them so small as to be unreadable when running at high resolutions, the overall presentation is straightforward enough for you to find your way around with ease. Construction options are never more than a couple of clicks away, and important city information regarding taxes, resources, and the like are also immediately accessible. The game comes with a lengthy series of tutorials, but you don't really need to bother with them. Little tips are constantly offered up to let you know when there are shortages of homes for specific classes of workers, when resources are so low that basics of life are being rationed, or when you need to set up some more factories to reduce unemployment. There isn't enough advice posted in these tips to walk you through the game, although this guidance holds your hand just enough so you soon figure out what to anticipate. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is entirely different from the Nintendo 64 version, but that doesn't mean it has turned its back on everything that made the original distinct. James Bond is a world-class spy, and both games dramatize this fascinating profession by putting you through the rigors of globe-trotting espionage. There is a strong emphasis on stealth in Reloaded that rewards patient players who would rather silently avoid a firefight than rush in guns blazing. Whether you favor a sure shot from your si

There are also some familiar special stages, like item-granting mushroom houses and unique mystery boxes. The mystery boxes can reward Mario with additional items--or even star coins--if you can complete the objective before time runs out. But when the fighting itself is lacking in excitement, it really doesn't matter how many extra modes you throw in--inherent mediocrity is rarely remedied by putting it in different dressings. Sofa Elevation Cad Block Ninja Impact doesn't try to do anything beyond offering a bog-standard action game where you fight a lot of enemies at once. As a result, it winds up being a game that is mildly entertaining for short periods of time but quite tedious in extended play sessions. In the end, Sofa Elevation Cad Block Ninja Impact simply doesn't live up to the intensity of its title. Performer is an FTP/Web Scripting tool designed to automate your daily essential Web tasks: carry out scheduled downloads, regular back ups, search users' hard disks for files and upload them to different accounts, send e-mail upon retrieval of a file to specific users, e-mail alert upon success/failure of file transfer, compare file sizes, and password-protect files. The program features 105 sample scripts to view and customize. Version 5.8 includes: SSL Support, integrated debug facilities, Telnet support, POP3 support, and updated interface. Scarygirl has a lot of character, and that's bound to attract players who won't have much fun with it beyond the first few worlds. The more challenging platforming sequences that follow later are mostly fine, but the poorly executed combat system provides more frustration than thrills, and the spotty controls take some of the fun out of what otherwise might have been a grand adventure. Scarygirl is ultimately a game with more style than substance, and it's crammed with so many frustrations that you might be better off reading the book instead. With the reimagined Voltron Force returning to the airwaves earlier this year, it was probably only a matter of time before a video game followed suit. Nerd nostalgia is a powerful marketing force, and few 1980s cartoons are as fondly remembered as Voltron, which captivated young audiences with its transforming lions and super robot sensibilities. But even longtime Voltron fans are apt to be turned off by the game's complete lack of imagination, clumsy mechanics, and repetition. It's not a complete disaster, but it sure isn't much fun to play. Many of these abilities are handy in solving the numerous puzzles you encounter on your quest to free your siblings. If you need to create chaos at a safari, for instance, taking control of a Kodiak bear and using its "growl" ability on the guests should certainly cause a panic. Each puzzle has a number of solutions, and while you need to find only one solution to a puzzle to continue the story, solving a puzzle in multiple ways enhances the decor in your secret hideout, where the friendly hobo Levi paints the walls to chronicle your travels. Of course, as a future supersoldier, you don't just get guns: you get a few handy applications to keep the challenge from being overwhelming. It all starts with the suicide app. With the press of a button, your target is overcome by mental anguish before grabbing a grenade and expiring in particularly explosive fashion. Then there is the backfire app, which flings a merc to the ground, where he's temporarily vulnerable. The persuade application tops off your repertoire, turning your chosen enemy into an ally until he turns his gun on himself. Fortunately, there are plenty of reasons to keep playing even after you beat every stage and see the closing credits. Each stage contains several hidden objects known as curios, and a missing royal cousin is lurking somewhere in each environment. The more trinkets and characters you find, the greater your rewards if you manage to complete the stage. The King of the Cosmos rates you on a 1-to-100 scale, and one of his lackeys awards you candy based on your performance. That candy serves as currency that you can then spend in the various shops. As you progress, you do unlock five minigames that use the Vita's touch and tilt features. Crush has you squeezing asteroids between your fingers, while Disc Slide involves moving a blue disc around with your finger and trying to avoid red enemies. These are decent demonstrations of the Vita's abilities, but they're not particularly fun on their own terms. The best of these minigames is Rock & Roll, in which you carefully tilt the Vita to roll an asteroid around, but even this one is too basic to be worth coming back to more than a few times. Their handling is a blend of old and new too. Drifting still plays its part, but gone is the on-rails feel of old, replaced with a


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